Shakespeare for Shrews & Shakespeare for Dudes

This workshop was developed to prepare theatre makers for the new opportunities arising out an industry-wide shift towards more gender conscious casting. Over the two days, participants will explore the fundamentals of analyzing Shakespeare’s plays and his text, learn (or rediscover) the rules of iambic pentameter and the practice of scansion, consider the male and female archetypes that appear in Shakespeare’s plays, and examine the ways in which those archetypes function across his body of work.  Participants will also have time to turn theory into practice by working on a monologue and a scene, and will receive coaching on both.


“The things I found most effective: the environment and teacher creating the environment. (She) did so in a way that I felt I could really learn and open myself up to learning more instead of putting up walls …. I came to the class hoping for the most basic of understandings about Shakespeare and permission to continue studying, learning and eventually performing Shakespeare. I felt I absolutely got that…”
– Amy Katrina Bryan, Shakespeare for Shrews Participant 2017

Shakespeare for Shrews February 2018

“This workshop gives me hope for my grandson- that he might grow up in world where he can be who he truly is, not what others have labeled him.”
– Mikki Lipsey, Shakespeare for Shrews Participant 2018

“Lauren helped me develop a vision of a level playing field for all actors, regardless of gender. I hadn’t even realized how limited my imagination had been. What is more valuable to an artist than an expanded imagination?”
– Katherine Olson, Shakespeare for Shrews Participant 2018

This curriculum was originally designed to be a space for single gender identification and non-binary individuals, but can also be taught to a group with a diversity of gender identification.  Contact Lauren if you would like to bring this workshop to your students or organization.

Shakespeare for Shrews was originally developed for ARTemis Arts, a non-profit arts organization whose missions is to advance the woman artist through knowledge building, exposure, and support.