Lauren has produced a variety of projects, both as independent ventures as well as part of her administrative position at different organizations.  Whether it be a 24 hour play festival, a fundraising event, a lecture series or a full main stage production, Lauren approaches each project with the same goals – to create an environment in which artists, creators or presenters can feel supported and empowered to do their best work, while also offering the public a product that positively impacts those who experience it.

“I first worked professionally with Lauren Hanover when she was the interim artistic director of Profile Theater, and I was there, directing Tanya Barfield’s play, Blue Door. I’ve worked with a number of different theatre companies in that capacity and for myself, the producer/director relationship I had with Lauren was, in a word, perfect. Lauren’s an artist herself, so she knows what it takes to create. And her talent, skill and sensitivity lend themselves to making excellent work. She’s generous, insightful and creative. She knows when to step in and how, and when to let artists work it out themselves… I became a better director and a better theatre artist for having collaborated with her. I would work with her a hundred times out of a hundred if the opportunity were presented to me.”
– Director Bobby Bermea

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