“Lauren is so incredible to work with! Not only was she able to help me prepare for my college auditions but she gave me insight into the language of Shakespeare in a way I had never experienced before.  She digs deep and helps you ask questions that push you as an actor (in the best way). Her breadth of knowledge, especially when it comes to Shakespeare and his characters, was invaluable… She worked in depth with me to help find the best pieces for who I am as a performer and a person. Lauren is patient, sweet and so funny. I absolutely love working with her and would recommend her to anyone looking for a coach who will help them to shape their work into something they would never discover on their own.”
– Coaching client Maya Barbon

“I decided to start coaching privately with Lauren after I took her Shakespeare for Shrews workshop last summer. I found the workshop incredibly empowering because of her leadership and guidance, and I knew I needed that kind of empowerment in my audition and monologue technique… Working with Lauren has been really eye-opening and helpful. She has a way of making me think about text that allows me to consider things that I hadn’t in my own reading. She is simultaneously encouraging and is able to push me further in my craft. She has also been able to steer me towards audition material that is perfect for me…She has an incredible eye (for) knowing what kind of work an actor would excel… I can’t wait to see what this audition season brings with Lauren in my corner!”
– Coaching client Mamie Wilhelm

“Lauren is one of the most engaging acting teachers I’ve ever had. I was instantly hooked by the title (Shakespeare for Shrews) and was excited about being in a room full of women exploring the text. Lauren knows her stuff. Her warmth and openness allowed for more play within the work. It was one of the best classes I’ve taken in Portland. I learned so much and had a great time doing it! If Lauren is teaching a class, I’ll be there.”
– Workshop student Mariel Sierra

“This was such a great class! I truly believe the professor is the main reason why I enjoyed myself, and why I would recommend others to take this elective. Professor Hanover was fun, challenging, fair, knowledgeable and over all, a great teacher. Awesome experience!”
– Portland State University Student from Lauren’s Understanding Theatre course

“Lauren is one of the best teachers I’ve had in a long time! Endlessly interested in our growth as learners and very, very kind. I only wish she taught more courses!”
– Portland State University Student from Lauren’s Script Analysis course